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Giovanni Tuzet

Giovanni Tuzet is Full Professor of Philosophy of Law at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. He studied law and philosophy in Turin and Paris and wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on C.S. Peirce’s theory of inference. His areas of interest include evidence, epistemology, pragmatism, argumentation theory, philosophy of law and economic analysis of law.

His publications include: La prima inferenza. L’abduzione di C.S. Peirce fra scienza e diritto (2006), Dover decidere. Diritto, incertezza e ragionamento (2010), La pratica dei valori. Nodi fra conoscenza e azione (2012), Filosofia della prova giuridica (2013, 2nd ed. 2016), La giustificazione della decisione giudiziale (2019, 2nd ed. 2020, with D. Canale), The Planning Theory of Law. A Critical Reading (2013, co-edited with D. Canale), The Italian Pragmatists. Between Allies and Enemies (forthcoming 2020, co-edited with G. Maddalena) and numerous articles in international journals.

He will be one of the editors of Philosophical Foundations of Evidence Law (Oxford UP, expected 2021, co-edited with C. Dahlman and A. Stein).