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peer review

All articles submitted for publication are first assessed by the editorial board to verify pertinence to topics addressed by the journal and to ensure that the publication’s minimum standards and format requirements are met.

Should the paper in question be deemed suitable, the editorial board, maintaining the anonymity of the author, will send the submission to two reviewers selected in rotation from the Editorial Advisory Board, based on their areas of expertise and linguistic competence. The reviewers are provided with a feedback form to compile and submit back to the editorial board within an established timeframe. If the timeline is not heeded to or if no feedback is submitted, the editorial board reserves the right to choose a new reviewer.

The editorial board, whilst guaranteeing the anonymity of the reviewers, will inform the author of the decision on publication.
If both evaluations are positive, the paper is published.
If one or both of the evaluations recommends changes the paper will be published subsequent to revision by the author based on the comments received and verification by the editorial board. The paper will not be published should one or both of the reviewers provide negative feedback.

In exceptional cases the editorial board reserves the right to publish papers that have not undergone the peer review process. This will be noted on the first page of the paper and an explanation provided.

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