Rivista trimestrale 4/2021

Diritto Penale Contemporaneo
Rivista trimestrale 4/2021

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Towards the Legalisation of (Medical) Aid to Die? “Multilevel” Considerations

Tiziana Vitarelli

page 33

Relaunching Alternative Sentences in the “Cartabia Reform”: A Great Opportunity Not Without Risks

Davide Bianchi

page 50

The “Hard Prison” and Detainees Under Securities Measures: Reflections on Judgment nn. 197/2021 by the Italian Constitutional Court

Fabio Fiorentin

page 67

Impediment Crimes: What About Impossible or Unenforceable Cooperation?

Luciano Ciafardini

page 87

Criminal Law Perspectives of Remote Control on Work Activity in the Current Regulatory and Technological Context

Attilio Nisco

page 111

Probation and “Reactive Corporate Fault”. Critical Considerations Emerging from Recent Case Law

Amalia Orsina

page 143

Rule of Law, European Safeguards of Judicial Independence and Cooperation in Criminal Matters: Pictures at an Exhibition in Fieri

Gaetano De Amicis

page 180

The Ne Bis in Idem Principle and “Double Track” Sanctioning Systems

Marco Scoletta

page 205

The Criminalization of Ecocide: A Long Way Ahead. Legal Issues Faced with Regulatory and Social Effectiveness Dynamics

Viola Molteni

page 224

Aporias in the Distinction Between “Specialty by Addition” and “Specialty by Specification”. Notes for Rethinking the Structure of Apparent Concurrence of Criminal Norms

Michele Spina

page 248

Disinformation and Public Policies: An Introduction

Antonio Gullo | Giovanni Piccirilli

page 251

Disinformation: Regulatory and Policy Issues

Marco Galimberti

page 282

Disinformation and Platforms Liability. Obligations and Compliance Requirements

Luca D'Agostino

page 304

Punishing Disinformation: The Role of Criminal Law and Platforms’ Content Moderation Between Public and Private Sectors

Emanuele Birritteri