Rivista trimestrale 3/2022

Diritto Penale Contemporaneo
Rivista trimestrale 3/2022

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page 1

Domestic Violence and Self-Defence

Claudia Pecorella

page 17

Egalitarian Justice and the Culture of Culpability: Punishing «Gender-Bias» in the Chilean Criminal Law

Andrea Perin

page 46

The Impact of International Human Rights Law on National Policies to Combat Domestic and Sexual Violence Against Women

Sofia Braschi

page 64

Criminal Profiles of the So-Called Obstetric Violence

Marina Di Lello Finuoli

page 88

Bribery in Judicial Proceedings and Witnesses. A Critical Review

Francesco Centonze | Pierpaolo Astorina Marino

page 108

Minor Drug Trafficking Pursuant to Art. 73, Para. 5, D.P.R. 309/1990: Looking for Legal Certainty

Arianna Lancia | Flavia Pacella

page 133

The Appeal Judgment on the Mafia-State Negotiations

Giuseppe Amarelli

page 154

De Minimis Defence Applies Also in Case of Plurality of Interrelated Offences

Alberto Aimi

page 161

The Joint Chambers of the Supreme Court on the Appellate Remedies Against the Security Measures in Case of Conviction Issued in the “Giudizio Abbreviato”

Valentina Vasta

page 174

Cooperative Compliance Measures to Prevent Organised Crime Infiltrations and the Protection of the EU’s Financial Interests

Emanuele Birritteri | Elisabetta Tatì

page 195

The Art of Terror: Degrading Culture for Financing War

Angelo Giraldi | Pietro Sorbello

page 219

The Ne Bis in Idem Paradigm in the Context of Absorbing Proportionality, Renewed Procedural Conception and Overlapping Protection

Jacopo Della Valentina

page 240

The Prohibition of Reformatio in Peius Between Dogmatic Uncertainties and Restrictive Case Law

Francesco Lazzarini