Rivista trimestrale 3/2017

Diritto Penale Contemporaneo
Rivista trimestrale 3/2017

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page 4

The "Loop-de-Loop": Criminal Justice and Mass Media, Legislation and Practice

Luigi Ferrarella

page 20

Freedom of Information and Criminal Procedure According to the Jurisprudence of Italian Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights: Problems and Perspectives

Giovanni Tarli Barbieri

page 37

The Relationship Between Criminal Proceedings and the Media in the Case-Law of the European Court of Human Rights

Roberto Chenal

page 47

Criminal Justice in the Prism of Information Rules of Procedure and Deforming Refractions

Renzo Orlandi

page 59

Protection Under Criminal Law of the Confidentiality of the Investigation: for a Democratic Control over the Judiciary

Roberto Bartoli

page 78

Privacy with Regard to Interceptions in Orlando Enabling Act

Carlotta Conti

page 97

Defamation and Processing of Personal Data in the Trial by Media

Sara Turchetti

page 105

Press and Corporate Liability

Carlo Piergallini

page 114

The "Victim" in the "Mass Media Trial": Restorative Measures

Vittorio Manes

page 129

Criminal Justice and Information on Crime: Comparative Hints for the Italian Debate

Nicola Recchia

page 139

Brief Notes on the Correlation Between Criminal Justice and Journalistic Activities

Francesco Palazzo

page 151

The Ascending Parabola of the Renewal of the Trial Evidentiary Hearing and the Jurisprudence of the Joint Chambers of the Court of Cassation

Hervè Belluta | Luca Lupária Donati

page 163

The Reform of Criminal Appeal, between Misunderstandings on Guarantees and Tendencies to Deflation

Massimo Ceresa-Gastaldo

page 173

The ‘Orlando Reform’. Changes in the Italian Criminal Process: Codification of Case Law, Long-Awaited Reforms and Confused Innovations

Mitja Gialuz | Andrea Cabiale | Jacopo Della Torre

page 198

Probability and Criminal Process in the Age of DNA Evidences

Luca Lupária Donati