Rivista trimestrale 3/2016

Diritto Penale Contemporaneo
Rivista trimestrale 3/2016

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page 4

The Principle of Legality between Law in the Books and Law in Action

Francesco Palazzo

page 13

Case Law in Criminal Cases

Massimo Donini

page 40

The Right to the “Dual Defence” in Proceedings for the Enforcement of a European Arrest Warrant: from EU Directive 2013/48/EU to EU Directive 2016/1919

Marta Bargis

page 51

The Withdrawal of Charges in the Proceedings in Front of the International Criminal Court

Massimo Bolognari

page 63

The Impact of the European Investigation Order in Criminal Matters on National Evidentiary Rules

Marcello Daniele

page 79

The Revival of Inquistory Guaranteeism in the Defense of Rights: the Joint Divisions of the Court of Cassation on the Examination of a ‘Assisted’ Witness

Michele Dubini

page 92

Enhanced Cooperation as a Mode for Establishing the European Public Prosecutor

Miranda Fidelbo

page 126

Precautionary Rules and Succession of Laws in the Whole Structure of Criminal Negligence

Eliana Greco

page 156

Communication Data and Activity Records

Matteo Riccardi

page 190

Types and Features of Cyber Investigations in a Globalized World

Silvia Signorato

page 202

California Dreamin’

Alberto Cadoppi | Benedetta Scarcella

page 216

Phenomenology of Criminal Negligence in Labour Law

Donato Castronuovo

page 247

The Problematic Applicability of the Principle of Retroactivity in mitius to Administrative Sanctions

Andrea Chibelli

page 270

Administrative Sanctions and Retroactivity in mitius: a Cautious Step Forward

Paolo Provenzano

page 280

Critical Remarks About the New “Crime” of Denial

Angelo Salvatore Scotto Rosato