Rivista trimestrale 2/2022

Diritto Penale Contemporaneo
Rivista trimestrale 2/2022

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page 1

Remembering Mireille Delmas-Marty and Her Research Projects

Alessandro Bernardi

page 5

L’encadrement pénal des multinationales entre rêve et réalité. Relisant Mireille Delmas-Marty quarante ans plus tard

Stefano Manacorda

page 12

Law-Decree No. 152/2021 and Amendments on Anti-Mafia Documentation and Collaborative Prevention

Giovanni D'Angelo | Gianluca Varraso

page 34

Rules on Evidence and Criminal Justice at the Time of Artificial Intelligence

Luca Lupária Donati | Giulia Fiorelli

page 50

“Criminal” Liability Between Human Beings and Corporations in Light of the Proposal of a Regulation on Artificial Intelligence

Camilla Minelli

page 76

A “Model” Judgment by the Cassation Ends the Grueling “Impregilo” Case

Carlo Piergallini

page 87

Towards Culpable Corporate Misconduct. “Shadowy” Observations in the Margins of an “Adamantine” Judgement in the “Magma 231”

Davide Bianchi

page 108

On the Boundaries Among the Crimes of Slavery, Servitude and Labour Exploitation

Sergio Seminara

page 135

Arms Trafficking in Violation of UN Resolutions, Criminal Provision and Jurisdictional Grounds

Gennaro Mastrangelo

page 160

Money Laundering Offences and Cryptocurrency Transactions

Marco Fazio

page 183

The Ongoing Construction, from the Foundations, of the Fair Prevention Procedure: the Joint Branches of the Supreme Court on the Judge Recusal

Dario Albanese

page 199

The Hunt for Evidentiary Standard: Unauthorized Biography of the General Theory of Crime

Maximiliano Rusconi