Rivista trimestrale 2/2016

Diritto Penale Contemporaneo
Rivista trimestrale 2/2016

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page 5

Forms of Interaction between Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure in an International, European and Domestic Perspective

Francesco Mazzacuva | Donato Vozza

page 8

The Principle of Legality and the Role of the Courts under the Perspective of the Relationship between Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure

Sofia Milone

page 19

A Possible European Size of the Harm Principle

Alessio Molinarolli

page 28

Res iudicata and lex mitior in the Multilevel System of Protection of Human Rights

Veronica Manca

page 41

Duty to Protect the Right to Life through Criminal Law and Proof of the Causal Link

Donato Vozza

page 54

The Criminal Significance of the Abuse of Rights

Marinella Bosi

page 66

Judging the Adequacy of the “modello organizzativo” as a Critical Point Within the Italian Corporate Liability System

Marco Colacurci

page 80

The Practice of Pre-trial Diversion for Corporate Offenders in the U.S.A. and U.K.

Federico Mazzacuva

page 89

Discretion of the Judge and Automatisms: Problems in the Italian System of “misure di sicurezza”

Federica Urban

page 101

The Duty to Give Reasons for a Preventive Seizure Decision

Luca Pressacco

page 114

Limits of Application of the Adversarial Principle in Non-criminal Proceedings

Gaia Caneschi

page 125

The Evaluation of Suspects, Clues and notitiae criminis  in the (Uncertain) Transition from Administrative Inquiries to Police Investigations

Pietro Sorbello

page 136

Criminal Trial, Punitive Administrative Law and Cooperation in the European Union

Giulia Lasagni

page 148

The Confirmation of Charges and the Rights of the Defence in the Application of the Rome Statute

Giulia Lanza