Rivista trimestrale 1/2022

Diritto Penale Contemporaneo
Rivista trimestrale 1/2022

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page 1

Crimes Against Cultural Heritage in the Italian Criminal Code: Initial Reflections on the New Title VIII-bis

Gian Paolo Demuro

page 28

The Last Frontier of Legal Expenses’ Reimbursement to Acquitted Defendants

Elisa Grisonich

page 44

Relationships Between European Constitutionalism and National Constitutionalism

Roberto Bartoli

page 63

The Harm Principle in the New Chilean Constitution

Laura Mayer Lux | Jaime Vera Vega

page 79

Responsibility For “Medical Malpractice” Five Years After the Gelli-Bianco Law

Fabio Basile | Pier Francesco Poli

page 106

Preventing the Criminal Influence of the Economy: From the Ablation Model to the Therapeutic Control of Companies

Anna Maria Maugeri

page 162

Attempted Attacks on Public Resources. The Strengthening of the Anti-Mafia Prevention System

Teresa Bene

page 173

Combating the Exploitation of Labour through the Tools of Patrimonial Prevention: “Adelante con Juicio”

Andrea Merlo

page 195

Tax Crimes in the ‘231 Catalogue’. A New (But Imperfect) Tool to Fight Corporate Crime

Francesco Mucciarelli

page 213

Beyond the Nullum Crimen Sine Confiscatione Regarding Tax Offenses: From the Problems of Multiplication to the Solutions of Coordination

Carlotta Verucci

page 232

Position of Guarantee and Negligence in Corporate Groups

Rocco Blaiotta

page 248

Parent Company’s Liability and Foreign Bribery: An Opportunity to Reform?

Sebastiano Zerbone

page 266

In the Name of an Injustice Not (Yet) Redressed. Commentary on Corte Cost., Sentence 23 November 2021 - 13 January 2022, No. 2

Michele Caianiello | Enrico Al Mureden

page 278

Mandatory Referral to the Joined Chambers of the Supreme Court: “Precedent Italian Style” from a Comparative Perspective

Michela Miraglia