Rivista trimestrale 1/2021

Diritto Penale Contemporaneo
Rivista trimestrale 1/2021

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page 1

Extra Ordinem Facts. Judicial Interpretation in the Covid-19 Era

Damiano Canale

page 16

Needs and Models for Limiting Responsibility in the Context of Pandemic Criminal Law

Emmanuele Penco

page 38

Failure to Pay Taxes Due to Covid-19: Looking for a European Force Majeure Exemption

Samuel Bolis

page 52

Embezzlement of Public Funds by the Hotel Owner: Between Change And Chronological Succession of Criminal and Administrative-Punitive Laws, Tertium Datur Amnesty?

Giuseppe Amarelli

page 75

The Crystal Shield: the Reformed Abuse of Office and the Reemerging ‘Neutralization’ Temptation by the Courts

Andrea Merlo

page 90

The Crime of Arbitrary Exercise of One’s Rights as ‘Own Hand’ Offence

Gennaro Mastrangelo

page 113

The Notion of “State of Need” in the Crime of Illegal Intermediation in the Job Market and Workers’ Exploitation

Sofia Braschi

page 136

Fraudulently Taking of the Condom as Sexual Assault. The Potential Criminal Relevance of the So-Called ‘Stealthing’

Paolo Caroli | Julia Geneuss

page 150

Cryptocurrencies and Criminal Law. Preventing and Punishing Money Laundering

Marta Giuca

page 192

The Morality of “Ergastolo Ostativo” for Mafia Crimes

Licia Siracusa

page 219

The “Rules on Micron”: the Constitutional Court on the Reasonableness of the Strict Prohibition of Exchanging Objects Among Detainees Under 41 bis

Alessandro Tesauro

page 239

Anti-Migration Policies and Responsibility of the Leadership for Crimes Against Humanity

Dora Tarantino

page 267

Research and Teaching in the Field of Criminal Law: Reflections on the U.S. Model and Its Influence on the Italian System

Alessandro Corda

page 290

Corporate Criminal Liability for Environmental Crimes: Theoretical Profiles and Compliance Policies

Emanuele Birritteri

page 315

Self Defence in the Home Evaluated in the Light of Twenty Years of Supreme Court of Cassation Case-Law

Lucrezia Rossi

page 332

The Metamorphosis of ‘Confiscation in Special Cases’: From the Organized Crime to the Tax Criminal Legislation

Davide Attanasio