Rivista trimestrale 1/2018

Diritto Penale Contemporaneo
Rivista trimestrale 1/2018

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page 4

Illicit Traffics in the Mediterranean Area. Prevention and Repression in National, European and International Law

Vincenzo Militello

page 10

Mafia method across borders

Andrea Apollonio

page 21

The New National Measures of Asset Freezing Against Financing of Terrorism

Marco Cerfeda

page 37

The role of confiscation in the fight against ‘economic crime’: an overview

Luca Baron

page 48

Observations in order to the evidences in the different models of forfeiture

Edoardo Bandiera

page 59

The new discipline of the computer sensor between investigative needs and protection of fundamental rights From “scurato” judgment to interception reform

Luigi Palmieri

page 67

Freezing and Confiscation Orders as a Way to Combat the Smuggling of Migrants, in the European and International Context

Veronica Tondi

page 78

From the "Victory of Nicosia" to the Legislative “Dinghy”: new regulatory outcomes for contrasting the Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property

Luca D'Agostino

page 93

Illegal Waste Trafficking in the Mediterranean area: Phenomenology and Measures of Contrast

Marta Palmisano

page 111

The Profit Aim in the Crime of Smuggling of Migrants: Critical Analysis of European Legislation

Javier Escobar Veas

page 121

Italian Criminal Legislation as a Model for Implementing the Supranational and International Regulation for Anti-Smuggling and Anti-Trafficking

Federica Urban

page 134

(Possible) Criminal Profiles of Search and Rescue Activities at Sea

Silvia Bernardi

page 145

Jurisdictional Issues in the Fight Against Migrant Smuggling on the Sea

Salvatore Orlando

page 159

Changes in EU criminal policy

Marcello Sestieri

page 168

The Concurrence of Mafia-Type Conspiracy and Drug Trafficking Conspiracy: Searching for a Rational Way to Fight the Phenomenon

Emanuele Birritteri

page 178

The Unbearable Softness. Decriminalization of Soft-Drug Offenses Between Law in the Book and Law in Action

Edoardo Mazzanti

page 190

The New Environmental Criminal Law. Issues Concerning Crime Theory and Sanctions

Paola Severino

page 196

The Best Available Techniques on Defining the Case in Issue and on the Culpability Verdict

Marinella Bosi

page 212

Environmental damage and its consequences on human health

Stefano Zirulia

page 232

Legislative Options about Mens Rea in New Environmental Crimes

Matteo Leonida Mattheudakis

page 243

The role of precautionary principle in the “new” environmental criminal law

Ilaria Salvemme

page 259

Protection of Victims of Environmental Crimes: the Case-law Ilva

Veronica Manca

page 272

The Limitation Period of Environmental Crimes: Effectiveness, Consistency, Reasonableness?

Enrico Cottu

page 293

The Environmental “Diversion”: Reductionist Effects and Systemic Concerns

Adriano Martufi

page 305

Assessing Corporate Criminal Liability for Environmental Crimes in the Light of the Principle of Legality

Rossella Sabia

page 320

Environmental Crimes and Corporate Criminal Liability

Sara Petella

page 329

Criminal liability of individuals and corporations for new environmental crimes

Francesco Palazzo