Rivista trimestrale 1/2017

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Rivista trimestrale 1/2017

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page 3

Terrorism and Criminal Law: Facts, Outlooks and Limits - Presentation of the course

Vincenzo Militello

page 11

Terrorism and Criminal Law: Facts, Outlooks and Limits - Introduction to the Conference

Enrico Cottu | Francesco Mazzacuva

page 14

The Criminal Offence Ex Latere Subiecti: the “Scope of Terrorism” Testing the Criminal Law Offense

Lorenzo Brizi

page 26

Glorification of Islamic Terrorism in Criminal Justice and Immigration Law

page 44

The “Terrorist” Status: Between Symbolism and Advancement

Giuseppe Marino

page 53

Asset Freezing with the Aim of Preventing Terrorism and Fundamental Rights

Chiara Battaglini

page 69

The Resistible Rise of the State Secret: Between Salus Rei Publicae, the «Black Curtain» and Creeping Impunity

Marco Malerba

page 81

Application Limits in Joining the Terrorist Association: Psychological Acceptance and Causal Contributions in the Carrying Out of a Criminal Plan

Luca D'Agostino

page 96

The Fight Against Financing Terrorism

Valentina Aragona

page 107

Amendments to Article 270-quater and quinquies of the Italian Penal Code in the Fight Against

Andrea Presotto

page 115

The Punishment of Incitement in the Fight Against International Terrorism

Valèrie Nardi

page 133

The “Weak” District Confluence of Investigations on Terrorism

Giuseppe Schena

page 141

The Legal Framework on Preventive Wiretapping for Counter-Terrorism Objectives

Bianca Agostini

page 149

Privacy Protection in the Era of New Technologies: the Case of I.T. Sensors for Telephone Wiretapping Operations Against Terrorism

Caroline Peloso

page 162

Judicial Cooperation Against Terrorism in the European Union and Case Law from the European Courts

Valeria Spinosa

page 169

New Perspectives on Coordination of Investigations and Judicial Cooperation in Light of Italian Legislation on Joint Investigation Teams

Guido Colaiacovo

page 176

The Circular Relationship of National Models in the European Harmonization of Counter-terrorism Criminal Legislation

Francesco Rossi

page 191

Further “Mild Inquisitions”: Extenuating Punishment as a Reward Paradigm in the Contemporary War on Terrorism

Enrico Cottu

page 208

Terrorism Offenses and Corporate Criminal Liability: Legality and Effectiveness

Rossella Sabia

page 226

The Purpose of Terrorism, Interpretive Aspects and the Role of Consistent Interpretation. Judges: Between the Uncertainty of Offences and Supranational Sources of Law

Susanna Crispino

page 239

Limits to Extradition for Terrorism Offences in the Presence of Obligations to Protect Human Rights

Beatrice Gornati

page 249

Terrorism and Criminal Law: Facts, Outlooks and Limits - Final report

Lorenzo Picotti